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Masked Melbourne: Experts say the rules need this tweak

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Infectious disease experts want the Andrews Government to tighten the rules on wearing masks to include joggers.

Victorians in Stage 3 restrictions must wear a mask from today in the latest bid to stop the state’s alarming spike in COVID-19 cases.

But joggers are exempt from the rules.

Experts say joggers exhale particles from deep in their lungs, increasing the risk of spreading infection.

Epidemiologist, Professor Catherine Bennett, says it’s a balancing act.

“If you can’t wear a mask jogging, then you have to ban jogging,” she told Ross and John.

“I think that’s the question here: Do you ban jogging while this is happening, or not?

“There’s some people where that’s their form of exercise, so they’re trying to balance it.

“I would be banning jogging where there’s people walking if the joggers can’t wear masks.”

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