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‘He is a reformed man’: Max Markson defends Charlie Sheen’s controversial speaking tour

Publicist Max Markson has defended Charlie Sheen’s controversial speaking tour in Sydney and Melbourne this weekend, saying he is a reformed man.

A campaign was launched to try and stop the former actor from entering Australia for his long history of domestic violence.

Tom Meagher, the husband of murdered Brunswick woman Jill Meagher, took to Twitter to criticise the government for granting his visa.

Neil Mitchell said Sheen had “behaved like an animal” over the years.

Mr Markson, a well-known celebrity agent, is promoting the tour, said he believed Sheen deserved a second chance for turning his life around.

“I’m proud to be with Charlie Sheen, he is a great man,” he said.

“He is a totally reformed man, I am really impressed with him, he is a perfect gentleman.

“He is polite, smart, hasn’t had a drink in 9, 10 months hasn’t had drugs in 4, 5 years.”

But Neil questioned why he was granted entry into Australia, with a thirty year history of domestic violence. He said it was a “bit rich” to say he’s a reformed man.

Mr Markson said Sheen addresses his checkered past in the show.

“The visa was granted a long time ago,” he said.

“His show tomorrow night, which Richard Wilkins is hosting, there will be an opening QandA session. There is nothing which isn’t on the table.

“His HIV he will talk about, his implosion, one of the most public implosions of a celebrity ever seen in the world 7 or 8 years ago, and he will answer anything.”

He has an awful history of domestic violence, going back years – Neil Mitchell

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