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Melbourne looks set to host game 2 of the 2018 NRL State of Origin series

Melbourne looks set to host game 2 in the 2018 NRL State of Origin series.

The Herald Sun reports the Victorian state government will pay a seven-figure sum to bring the game to Melbourne.

Speaking to Neil Mitchell, leading NRL commentator, Darryl Brohman supports the idea.

‘I’m now a believer, I was against it up until 2015, but I’m now pro it, I think it’s a great idea’

‘This is also a little unique…it’s a stand-alone weekend game… it will be the only rugby league game in Australia that weekend’ he said.

The Big Marn is sure there will be some opposed to State of Origin being played in Victoria.

‘People are set in their ways; there are still a lot of people that don’t want Melbourne to have a State of Origin game.’

Over 91,000 people attended the last State of Origin match played in Melbourne, back in 2015.

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