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Men should dress to be comfortable, confident and appropriate, no matter the occasion

Tom Elliott observed some ‘peculiar’ fashions trends around Melbourne last week.

‘I saw a young man in the city..he was going into a business meeting wearing tight 3/4 length pants, wearing brown leather shoes with no socks, a) he looked stupid and b) I think it’s unhygienic ‘

Speaking on 3AW Drive, Fashion and lifestyle editor at The Age, Melissa Singer, said those who work in creative industries are usually afforded more flexibility with what they can wear.

‘You have everything from jeans to suits on a daily basis, freedom of expression is encouraged’ 

But, there are limits.

‘I think pants that are rolled up and perhaps cutting off the blood supply, is perhaps taking a trend we have seen in Europe a little bit too far.’

Melissa said if working in a conservative field, men should adhere to the professions dress code, to show respect to your peers and people you are meeting.

‘The most important thing when it comes to dressing, whether you are following trends or dressing more classically is to be comfortable, to show confidence and dress appropriately for whatever occasion it is you are going to’

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