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Mother disturbed by ‘predator’ posing on app

A mother has contacted Neil Mitchell’s program disturbed by graphic and obscene messages received by her young daughter on a music video app.

Alicia was horrified to see someone posing as ‘the real Justin Bieber’ contacting her 8-year-old child asking her to send photos.

The app,, is a social networking platform with 50 million registered users. 

‘I set it up with her on the weekend, I used my email account so I could control it,’ she said.

‘Whenever she used it we did it together, she had a total of seven friends.’

She said she was sickened by what she read, and wants parents to be on alert.

‘I was horrified, I grabbed the iPad and drove to the police station,’ she said.

‘Unfortunately they are very limited with what they can do.’

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Children’s eSafety Commissioner, Julie Inman-Grant, told Neil Mitchell parents need to continue to be engaged with their children’s online lives.

She said parents should take screenshots, account details and take the information to the police if they came across predatory behaviour.

‘Predators when they are online grooming, can be very crafty, they may have created multiple identities,’ she said.