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NBN problems hit cattery which allows owners to Skype with their pets

The NBN, or lack thereof, is proving to be a disappointment to many business owners.

A cattery near Colac, marketed as a 5-star facility for your pet’s luxury country holiday, is unable to provide an in-demand webcam service for its clients, due to slow internet speeds.

Owner of Hillview Cattery in Birregurra, Daryl Collins, told Tom Elliott he can’t get access to the NBN, despite being able to see a fixed wireless tower from his window.

‘We can’t offer webcams which is an emerging trend in all boarding industries…it’s a service in demand, and we can’t offer it because our service is too slow’.

‘One of the first things we did when we purchased the business, apart of our business plan, is we wanted to utilise webcams’.

Daryl said around one in five clients want the service he can’t provide.

‘On a number of occasions we’ve had people ask to do a Skype or FaceTime call, and we’ve actually had to go and talk to the cat for them’ he said.

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