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Neil Mitchell exposes ‘most horrendous case’ of contact-tracing gone wrong

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Neil Mitchell has described it as the “most horrendous case” of coronavirus contact-tracing gone wrong.

“This is something I really hope will be raised at the Premier’s press conference,” the 3AW Mornings host said.

Emilio (not his real name) shared his family’s heartbreaking story on Thursday.

His mother-in-law recently died with COVID-19.

She tried to get tested three times but was unsuccessful due to apparent strain on the system.

A few days later she became seriously unwell and was taken to hospital by ambulance.

The woman officially tested positive to COVID-19 in hospital on July 13.

She died on July 31.

The woman lived with her son, who quarantined the whole time, despite having no symptoms.

Not once was he contacted by the health department.

To Emilio’s knowledge, nobody who had been in contact with his mother-in-law had received a call.

That changed on August 7.

His wife got a call from contact tracers.

“Which didn’t go down well, obviously,” Emilio said.

Her mother had been dead a week.

Emilio told Neil Mitchell the family felt it was their “responsibility” to share their heartbreaking story, because he had “no faith” in the system and feared Victoria’s coronavirus crisis would not be resolved until changes were made.

“Every time I hear the Premier come out and say ‘it’s all fine’ means it won’t get fixed because he’s not accepting there is an issue,” he said.

To make matters worse, the family has also since lost the deceased woman’s brother from COVID-19.

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