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Neil Mitchell features in Paramedics TV show at the height of public campaign

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A snippet from Channel 9’s new Paramedics series shows the everyday abuse and aggression they face.

The episode was filmed back in May, during the height of the very public campaign to support paramedics, ignited by a decision by a court to quash the jail sentences of two women who savagely assaulted two paramedics.

The decision was met with outrage in the community.

Ambulances across the state carried the handwritten message – “It’s never OK to assault a paramedic”.

Neil Mitchell features in tonight’s episode, as a vocal supporter of the campaign.

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In the same week, two paramedics were being filmed for the new show on Channel 9.

Taz and Amanda feature in tonight’s episode, filmed in their ambulance being accosted by an aggressive driver.

The driver yells out to Taz – “It is OK to assault a bastard like you. It is OK”.

Taz told Neil Mitchell it wasn’t the first time he’d copped abuse.

“I felt really upset, really sad,” he said.

“It’s a wonderful profession, you want to remember the good things in this profession.

“Sometimes people don’t realise, there are different forms of violence and aggression, none of that is OK.

“You all have a work environment, that’s a building or an office. For a paramedic, a whole community, every house, every street is my workplace and I have the right to feel safe.

“If I don’t feel safe, I can’t give you the best care.”

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The episode will air tonight 8.30pm-9.30pm on Channel 9


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