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Neil Mitchell: Transurban the big winner under ‘sloppy rort’ to fund West Gate Tunnel

West Gate Tunnel funding is again in the spotlight with the opposition releasing a report that shows it will cost $37.3 billion in tolls.

Opposition Leader Michael O’Brien says the Parliamentary Budget Office has blown the whistle on the government’s deal, showing how hard it will hit motorists.

The figures from the PBO show only 29 per cent of funding from motorists will comes from those who will use the tunnel.

Shadow Treasurer Louise Staley says it’s not fair for those who won’t use the tunnel.

The opposition is calling for the independents and cross-benchers in Victoria’s upper house to demand transparency, and for the government to release all the financial information behind the deal.

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Neil Mitchell described it as a ‘sloppy rort’.

“71 per cent of that is coming from people who don’t even use the tunnel.
“The Premier keeps saying road users need to pay if they want to use the tunnel — well, that’s fair enough if you do, but you don’t!
“If you’re using the Monash Freeway, you go nowhere near the damn tunnel and yet you’re paying for it.
“It’s a rort, and it’s a pretty sloppy rort.
“Transurban brought this deal to the government, and the government fell for it hook, line and sinker.”