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Neil Mitchell: “Trump-like, irritating and unoriginal” Clive Palmer has reached new hypocritical heights

Clive Palmer has done it again, ripping off someone else tune to underscore his “saturation nonsense” (according to Neil Mitchell) political campaign.

He’s already come under fire by band Twisted Sister, for “borrowing” their melody to their song “We’re not gonna take it” and now he’s taken on another song, in particularly hypocritical fashion.

“He’s invoked one of the great political campaigns, the theme song that brought Gough Whitlam to power in 1972,” Neil Mitchell said.

The “it’s time” lyrics are replaced by  “it’s Clive”.

“I just love the twist to this, the very people he’s attacking, he’s pinched their 47-year-old theme,” Neil said.

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Neil labelled Palmer as “Trump-like, irritating, unoriginal and superficial” and noted his campaign doesn’t extend to answering questions.

3AW Mornings requested an interview with Palmer, to which his reply was “I am not interested in being interviewed by Neil Mitchell”.

“Far enough, that’s his right,” Neil said.

“Does anybody ever, want to vote for this drongo??

“The sooner he loses interest and goes off somewhere else the better.”