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Neil Mitchell’s suggestion for Kelly O’Dwyer’s replacement in the ministry

Neil Mitchell says he admires Kelly O’Dwyer’s decision to quit politics, and made a suggestion on who he believes should replace her in parliament.

On Saturday, Ms O’Dwyer announced she would be quitting politics to spend more time with her family and try for a third child.

“I don’t particularly admire her as a politician,” he said.

“But I admire her decision to step away from parliament.

“Since then the party experts say she should be replaced by a woman.

“I just think that’s illogical.

“They shouldn’t replace woman with woman just on the basis of gender, but I think they will.

“Peter Costello, I’ve been arguing for a year he should come back, put him into Higgins, it’d be a safe seat again and he’d be a leader in parliament.”

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“I really think women do suffer more guilt than men, and that’s because of generations of socialisation,” Neil added.

“Any honest hardworking Dad is going to admit he didn’t see enough of his kids growing up.”