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VIDEO: ‘Exhausted’ nurse’s plea to Victorians as COVID-19 cases climb

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A nurse on the coronavirus front line has shared a powerful message for Victorians as the pandemic deepens.

Clinical nurse specialist at The Royal Melbourne Emergency Department, Abbey Fistrovic, said the community has responded differently to the second wave of COVID-19, and it’s “disheartening”.

Ms Fistrovic made a video describing the conditions health workers are facing, and sent it to Premier Daniel Andrews.

She told 3AW’s Neil Mitchell why she made the video.

“Getting now to a second wave where we feel like we’ve kind of got back to square one, and seeing that my staff members are really struggling with exhaustion and fatigue, I don’t see as much community outcry in trying to fight this as the first time,” she said.

“That’s been disheartening, so I thought the least I could do is tell people … what we’re going through.

“The reason I am telling you this is really simple: If we, the front line healthcare workers, are doing everything we can to keep you safe and alive, the very least you, as a community, can do for us, is stay home, wear a mask, wash your hands and follow the advice and restrictions of the government.”

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Press PLAY below for Abbey’s heartfelt video.

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