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Police urge people to hide car keys to prevent vehicle theft

Victoria Police have launched a campaign urging drivers to be vigilant about where they keep their car keys at home

Seven out of ten modern cars are stolen after the thief snatched the key.

Assistant Commissioner for Southern Metro Region Bob Hill told Neil Mitchell they are encouraging people to leave keys out of sight.

“Any motor car manufactured after 2001 was required by law to have the immobilsation technology, you can still start a car by hotwiring it but would have to be manufactured before 2001,” Assistant Commissioner Hill said.

“Now people are breaking to homes, when homeowners often aren’t aware and opportunists are finding keys on kitchen benches and on lounge room coffee tables.

“They’ll grab the keys and go out and steal the car without the home owner even knowing.”

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“It’s bit of ‘We give up’, isn’t it?” Neil said to newsreader David Armstrong.