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Protesting Greenies prevent Romsey man from fighting fires

Protesters have tied themselves to machinery belonging to a Romsey logging contractor, preventing him from using it to fight bushfires.

Brad Meyer (pictured above) was called in to help fight some local fires on Saturday but six machines, including two vital bulldozers and a harvester, were unusable.

Mr Meyer told Neil Mitchell the protesters have been at the site for the past two weeks.

“I was starting to get a little bit emotional about it because it’s been going on and off for two weeks,” he said.

Emergency Management Commissioner Andrew Crisp has told 3AW Mornings an investigation is underway.

Jake McKenzie is from the protest group and defended their actions when challenged by Neil Mitchell.

Neil Mitchell: “If you hadn’t been there, the equipment would have left 10 hours earlier.”

Jake McKenzie: “And if these contractors weren’t in here, where they’re not supposed to be, logging threatened species habitat then it wouldn’t have been an issue.”

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