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Pub Of The Week: Tony Leonard reviews the Preston Hotel

Neil Mitchell
Article image for Pub Of The Week: Tony Leonard reviews the Preston Hotel

Preston Hotel

9471 4811

Where? 635 High Street, Preston.

When? May 14, 2021.


Only realizing this pub existed from 2 years ago, the Preston Hotel is  a couple of blocks north of Bell St, and prides itself on being an old fashioned, true to its suburban roots, pub.

Devoid of bells and whistles, the neat looking facade from High St., is divided into 3 areas.  The Bar, rectangular, is typical of its type with some tables for dining while all manner of sport dominates the air.  A lonely pool table is covered over with a sign to the effect of ‘Due to Covid restrictions, this table is not available for use’.

Has Andrews/Sutton/Foley really addressed the thorny issue of using pool tables in pubs in their daily presses?

Split level into the bigger, dining/TAB room and to the rear houses the pokies through to the monstrous car park. That’s it.

The pub appeals to local tradies, and there’s no hassles. Behind the jump, Maureen would get an early nomination for Bar Staffer of the year, so engaging and happy she is to see you.

The Preston Hotel is a straight up and down place to gather with no real faults.


You read the menu and you have seen it all before; there’s no tricks here.

Mainly wedges/fries for the starters with texas chilli beef, corn chips, sour cream, ($15) a bit different. In keeping with the old suburban theme, there’s a Kitchen Sink Salad ($17), where, quote ‘a bit of everything’ is included. Unable to elaborate beyond that.

A selection of Burgers, wraps, pizza,  all cheap and plated  from $9-25, with one of the top priced parmas being the BBQ Meat Lovers delight, consisting of the schnitty, ham, pepperoni, pork belly. If you fancy a 500gm Parma it’s $29.

To be fair to the pub it has expanded its range so you will get a generous plate of food. The beer was excellent, and lovingly poured.  Wine per glass is relatively cheap, $8, with well known brands such as Preece/Secret Stone available.

The average prices are;

  • Entrees – $10
  • Mains – $20
  • Dessert – $6

3 Mains were tried;

  • Beer Battered Fish – $17.. No Problems
  • Chicken Parma – $20. No problems
  • 300g Black Angus Rump, sauce – $25. Ok, just.

All plates arrive with a good whack of chips and pub salad. The disappointment was the steak, which while edible enough, was a little on the tough side. At $25, you don’t want to be leaving any on the plate.


WYSIWYG. A well known acronym that’s what you see etc., is the best descriptor of the Preston Hotel.

In an area that’s becoming ever fashionable given its relatively inner north location, (only a matter of time before they list this pub as Regent, rather than Preston!), the food scene becomes increasingly more diverse, more interesting.  However this pub is a throwback to the old working class environs (with the latter day addition of PubTab and Pokies).

Depending on your POV, you will find it sterile with its overt focus on punting/gaming, or a place that is inviting given its old suburban feel.  (Perhaps a mixture of both?).

Limit the expectations: The Preston Hotel is OK.

SCORE: 12/20

Neil Mitchell