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RACV deem bike “super highways” best way to combat congestion in Melbourne

The RACV has pitched 10 cycle ‘super highways’ along busy routes including St Kilda Road and Chapel Street.

Other sites on the list include Royal Parade-Sydney Rd, the Preston to City route via Napier St and St Georges Rd marked by the RACV for a revamp including splitting cyclists from motorists, better bike paths and priority at traffic lights.

Ed Hore from the Australian Cycle Alliance told Neil Mitchell the RACV have deemed this the best way to combat congestion

“In a lot of the areas that we’re talking about there already is reasonably good painted infrastructure, but we all know paint doesn’t stop cars wandering,” Ed said.

“What they’re really talking about is creating barriers between bikes and cars and creating better super highways.

“The RACV have come to the conclusion that the best way to combat congestion is to get people their bikes.”

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“People need to park somewhere,” Neil said.

“You’re entering very difficult territory if you start putting in extra bike lanes and that impacts the flow of traffic.”