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Registrar admits ‘administrative issues’ causing delays in issuing death certificates

Staff need to learn the new computer system at Births, Deaths and Marriages properly, according to the Registrar.

Delays in the issuing of death certificates have added to the stress of families mourning loved ones, with some saying they have been forced to wait months for a certificate to arrive.

Registrar James Lawson admitted there are administrative issues with the system.

“The system is fundamentally working well, the administrative issues around that we are fixing,” he said.

Neil Mitchell: The system is not working well, I’ve got example, after example, after example of it not working well!

James Lawson: I’m not disagreeing with you that we need to improve.

He said he expects it to be rectified “in the next few weeks”.

“I’m acknowledging (the errors) and I do apologise for that,” he said.

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