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‘Repent’: The father of George Pell’s late victim speaks out 

The father of the deceased victim of George Pell has spoken out about how he felt when Pell was sentenced, his son, and how he discovered the abuse that his son had endured.

It was the death of the man’s son in 2014 that prompted Pell’s other victim, known only as ‘J’, to come forward.

The deceased victim’s father said he’s relieved Pell’s appeal failed.

“It was absolutely fabulous,” he told Macquarie Radio’s Justin Smith.

“I know that there’s still a possibility that he may go to the High Court, but I’m okay about it.”

The victim’s father said he found out about Pell’s abuse against his son when a detective called him after his son’s death.

“I couldn’t believe it,” he said.

“It made me sick.”

But the father said never doubted the credibility of the story told by ‘J’.

“The young fellow, J, I knew him very well,” he said.

“As a kid he was extremely honest.

“If he said something was amiss he’s not the type of kid who is going to tell you a lie, not the type of kid who is going to make up stories.”

The deceased man’s father says he wants to see George Pell be honest.

“Repent,” he said.

“This is not what the Catholic religion is about.”

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Image: WILLIAM WEST/AFP/Getty Images