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Rocky the police dog saved the day — then refused to follow orders!

A police dog named Rocky has sniffed out four teenagers over a violent robbery at Essendon.

It’s alleged the teens turned up  in a stolen Subaru under the pretence of buying a mobile phone about 7.30pm.

The victim was assaulted and robbed.

The stolen Subaru was later spotted on Mount Alexander Road about 8pm.

Rocky sniffed out the first suspect in long grass about 1.5 kilometres away and, in 40° heat, found another three nearby.

He also located stolen items.

As officers were taking the suspects — all aged between 16 and 18 — into custody, Rocky took his leave and jumped into the Maribyrnong river to cool down.

He refused to emerge from the water for 25 minutes, despite calls form his handlers.

He’s now having a well-deserved rest.

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