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Ross and John discuss the ‘strangest’ thefts on 3AW Breakfast

A bee-zarre theft at Coburg prompted Ross and John to ask a question on Thursday.

What’s the strangest item you’ve ever had stolen? 

3AW Breakfast spoke with Dr Max Hunter, who said the hives were worth at least $200.

‘This time of year the hive would be full of honey and also the bees themselves,’ he explained.

Peak season for producing honey is during the warmer months.

Ross and John then took calls on strange thefts and, as always, the 3AW Breakfast audience delivered.

  • A whiskey bottle – which happened to be filled with urine
  • Gold fish stolen by a cleaner who had left a ransom note because they hadn’t been paid
  • 1944 Horse racing cup stolen
  • A small boulder stolen from a nature strip
  • Cemetery plot marker