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Ross and John see dead people: Visiting the cemeteries of the world

Parks Week kicked off on Saturday, and Melburnians are being encouraged to visit “Melbourne’s forgotten parks” – in other words, cemeteries!

Jacqui Weatherill, CEO of The Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust told Ross and John she wants the public to enjoy cemeteries as beautiful public spaces, not places of doom and gloom.

“Across our 19 cemeteries, we have 650ha of public open space which is 20 times the size of the Botanic Gardens,” Jacqui said.

“My favourite is Fawkner Memorial Park, for me it’s the equivalent of Highgate cemetery in London.”

This got Ross and John talking about cemeteries of the world, and which graves of the rich and famous they had visited.

Ross visited Père Lachaise in Montmarte, Paris to find the grave of Jim Morrison of The Doors.

Another 3AW team member said she visited the same cemetery to find Edith Piaf‘s grave (above image).

Burnso visited The Kennedys at Arlington in Virginia.

Scorcher visited Eva Peron at Recoleta in Buenos Aires and Karl Marx at Highgate in London.

The team also saw Hans Christian Andersen‘s grave in Denmark.

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