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Rumour confirmed: Child finds three firearms at open house in Melbourne’s north east


A child at an open for inspection in Melbourne’s north east on the weekend made an alarming discovery after they pulled out three firearms from a laundry cupboard.

The Rumour File was told ” a nine-year-old was under the laundry sink and pulled out three handguns” at a Saturday afternoon open house in the north eastern suburbs.

Victoria Police confirmed they attended a house on Ryans Road in Eltham, about 1pm Saturday following the discovery of three firearms in a safe.

They say the property is a deceased estate.

The three firearms, which did not have ammunition, were surrendered to police.

3AW Drive tracked down Marcus Corlett – the child’s father – and he told Tom Elliott the situation was “worrying”.

“The house was previously owned by a gunsmith and there was lots of gun paraphernalia in there,” he said.

“There was a little gun range in there and a whole lot of safe’s built into walls.”

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