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Rumour confirmed: Cricket umpires go on strike over “poor behaviour” from players


Umpires from a cricket association north west of Melbourne are going on strike, over “poor behaviour” from players.

The teams from Gisborne will be forced to umpire their own matches this weekend.

As heard on the Rumour File this morning, Ross and John were told the umpires are withdrawing their services from the top two grades this weekend after poor behaviour from players.

3AW Breakfast confirmed the rumour with Rob McIntyre, president of the Gisborne District Cricket Association, who confirmed the story.

He said umpires have withdrawn their appointments from the competition this weekend, largely because of poor player behaviour in the form of disputing umpire decisions.

“The association met with umpires last week about their concerns,” he said.

“The umpires have the support of the association, who thinks the withdrawal will send a strong message to players and captains that this behaviour won’t be tolerated.

“This weekend the players will have to umpire their own matches.

“The umpires will return to officiate the semi finals the week after.”