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RUMOUR CONFIRMED: Dimmeys to re-open on Victoria Street

A much-loved retail store will open its doors again, down the road from the iconic suburb it became famous in.

The Rumour File reported on March 1 that Dimmeys would re-open in Richmond on March 6.

We can confirm the iconic store will open at the Hive Shopping Centre on Victoria Street on Monday.

Financial Controller of Dimmeys Madhw Khadka confirmed they were ‘very excited’ to be re-opening at Abbotsford, however, the store will be smaller than the original Swan Street site.

‘Our plan is to expand the business by another 3-4 stores in Melbourne across different locations this year,’ Mr Khadka said. 

As for advertising, the retailer is still in talks with Robert ‘Dipper’ DiPierdomenico to revamp the famous ‘be there!’ and ‘$9.99’ commercials. 

‘We’re still talking with Dipper, we’d love to get him on board for our advertising,’ he said. 

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