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Rumour confirmed: Hank the cat survives his third tiger snake bite

It might be said that cats have nine lives, but one lucky kitty in Melbourne’s east is down to his sixth!

First reported on the Rumour File this morning, one feline has forced its owner to dip deep into their pockets to fund its recovery after being bitten by a tiger snake for the third time!

Financially-drained owner of Hank the Cat, Mel Brauer confirmed the story with Kate and Quarters.

“Yep, he’s an idiot,” Mel said.

“(We live) in sunny downtown Alphington, a whole 8km from the city.

“I was three hours away in regional Victoria, I had a friend housesitting for me, he’d been away for two days.

“He finally turned up but he was very off-colour and not very well.

“He was completely misdiagnosed, he spent four days there being treated, we finally took him to another vet who diagnosed the snake bite.

“We’d be pushing $10,000.”

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