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RUMOUR CONFIRMED: Moana Hope caught speeding

RUMOUR CONFIRMED: Collingwood’s highest-profile women’s footballer has been booked for speeding.

Moana Hope was caught travelling almost 20 kilometres over the limit on Saturday morning.

She was issued with a fine and lost three demerit points for travelling at 97km/h in an 80km/h zone.

‘As a club we expect all our athletes to behave safely and within the rules on our roads and we are extremely disappointed in Moana’s actions,’ Collingwood said in a statement.

‘We take matters of road safety very seriously and understand that speeding is a contributor to many road accidents. We also understand that our players are role models and this behaviour is not in line with the standards we set as a club.’

‘This is a stark reminder to all our athletes that driving above the speed limit is both dangerous and reckless.’