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Rumour confirmed: You won’t believe the corkage fee charged by an upscale Melbourne restaurant


A Swiss wine buyer has been hit with a massive corkage fee by a Melbourne restaurant, after bringing clients to try eight bottles of wine.

The Rumour File heard this morning a winemaker contacted the restaurant beforehand to ask if he could bring some wine and received no response.

Scott, who works in the food and beverage industry, later told Ross and John they took eight bottles, worth in the vicinity of $200 each.

“There was three approaches made by my colleague, one by email, one by phone and the other time he went in,” Scott said.

“No response.

“The colleague, a Swiss wine buyer got the bill, he’d been doing some arguing with the management but it was all in German, and my German’s not real flash.

“Eight bottles, $1000 a bottle corkage.”

Ross’s head nearly fell off.

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“(There was) no offer and acceptance and as far as I’m concerned there’s no contract or agreement about any price,” Scott said.

“It left a bad taste in his mouth and we won’t be going back there again!”