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Rumour File: Car giant Toyota cyber attacked in Australia

Toyota Australia has called on international cyber security experts after being the victim of a cyber attack.

As first revealed on the 3AW Rumour File, Toyota was made aware of the attack yesterday.

The identity of the attacker is not yet known.

“At this stage, we believe no private employee or customer data has been accessed,” Toyota told 3AW Breakfast.

“The threat is being managed by our IT department who is working closely with international cyber security experts to get systems up and running.

“At this stage we have no further details about the origin of the attack.

“We apologise for any inconvenience caused and thank customers for their patience.”

A caller suggested it will affect the processing of incoming cars, but Toyota has not confirmed that is the case.

The Rumour File caller said workers were sent home, but Toyota told 3AW that while some managers may let their staff leave early, there was no company directive.

The Toyota attack comes on the day it was revealed the health data of patients at Cabrini Hospital is being held from ransom after an attack by cyber hackers.

The Age reports the files of 15,000 patients are inaccessible after servers at the private hospital in Malvern were crippled almost four weeks ago.

The newspaper reports a payment was made, but some of the scrambled files haven’t been recovered.