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RUMOUR FILE: Terrifying home invasion in leafy Glen Iris

RUMOUR FILE: The Rumour File was told this morning of another terrifying home invasion in the leafy east.

A Glen Iris resident has described how a group of offenders, armed with golf clubs, broke into her home and claimed to be the police on Sunday morning.

As revealed on the 3AW Rumour File, Sue says four or five offenders broke in through the rear of the home around 4am and came up to the bedroom where she and her husband were asleep.

‘I heard a noise coming up the stairs, I assumed it was my son coming home from a party,’ she told Ross and John.

‘They were screaming they were the police and told us to get on the floor.’

The offenders fled in a late model Mercedes which has not been recovered, they also got away with Sue’s iPhone, handbag, iPad, wallet and more. 

Sue says, ‘The police were wonderful, they arrived within two minutes.’ 

Sue has praised the ‘Find My iPhone’ app for helping police track down one of the alleged offenders.

A female suspect has been arrested but the investigation continues.

Anyone with information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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