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School canteens in the spotlight as healthy food prices skyrocket

Costs of healthy food at school have skyrocketed amid fears it will drive children to junk food.

A Herald Sun analysis of tuckshop menus found some schools charge $2.50 for a party pie, but as much as $9 for a basic salad.

Jane Martin from the Obesity Policy Coalition told Ross and John school can make those decisions themselves.

‘We know how important it is for kids to have healthy food in schools,’ Ms Martin said.

‘It shapes their diet and it makes a difference to their learning.’

Ms Martin said we’re heading in the right direction.

‘Because of this shift to healthier eating, we’re seeing that suppliers are supplying healthier food to canteens,’ she said.

She said schools need to ensure healthy options are priced in a way to encourage kids to buy them.

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