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‘Show people the sparkle of Christmas’: Trish Heinrich calls the lonely, aged and frail to brighten their days


3AW Drive’s Christmas Hero for Tuesday is a mother-of-two from Nhill, who spends her mornings calling the lonely, aged and frail to brighten their days.

Trish Heinrich is a Red Cross volunteer, who will spend her Christmas morning taking part in Telecross, checking in on vulnerable people.

“It could be someone who is lives alone, someone who is frail and aged or they may have a disability, or be housebound,” Trish told Nick McCallum.

“They absolutely love it, most of them are so appreciative someone’s made an effort.

“And it’s amazing how good it makes YOU feel by doing the calls.

“The festive time is a wonderful time for socialising but we need to make sure we say hello to people, be kind on social media, just get out there and show people the sparkle of Christmas.”

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Yesterday Nick spoke with Roseanne Rofaeel who started Christmas on the Streets, a drive to provide presents to the homeless and disadvantaged people of Melbourne.

He’ll speak with a different Christmas Hero every day this week.