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Flooding at Flemington sees major train delays and race times pushed back

Flooding near Flemington Racecourse has seen widespread delays for racegoers across Melbourne’s rail network, with race times also pushed back due to poor visibility.

Metro has closed platform one at Flemington station, with services cancelled, delays of about 20 minutes and trains terminating at the Showgrounds.

The roof of the VRC’s new press room has also collapsed in the heavy downpour.

The Alamein line has also been suspended due to flooding, buses are replacing trains but will take an hour to arrive.

Multiple flights to Melbourne Airport have been diverted due to the poor conditions.

The showers should slow by about 1pm.

Earlier Meteorologist Tom Delamot told Ross and John despite the possible downpour, it could be dry come race time.

“It does look like we’ll start to see some more lengthy dry periods during the afternoon, including during the time the Cup is run,” he said.

“But it looks like a wet start for people heading down to the track.”

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“It’s pretty close to 90-100% humidity,” Tom added.

“And I’m sitting here in a suit,” Ross said.


The $7.3 million race is expected to be watched by tens of millions of people around the world.