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Sports betting ads could soon be banned during broadcasts under a new deal

Betting ads could soon be banned from sports broadcasts as the Turnbull government tries to do a deal with the Senate crossbench to water down media ownership.

Nick Xenophon, South Australian senator, says he is worried about the ads like ‘most Australians.’

‘When parents stop me in the streets and tell me their 8-12 year olds can tell them about odds for a game I think we have a problem,’ Senator Xenophon told Ross and John. 

A loop hole in current regulations allows gambling ads to be played at any time during a broadcast.  

It is said the government is willing to slash gambling ads in exchange for the Nick Xenophon Team’s support on media deregulation – banning media owners from controlling a TV network, radio station and newspaper in the same market

He says the survival of print as opposed to Google and Facebook is a priority. 

‘A bigger more primary issue is the survival of traditional media in this country.’

A decision is not expected to be made until a few weeks time. 

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