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Taste for bubbles falls flat: Aussies opting for local sparkling over expensive French champagne

Australians are opting for local sparkling and Prosecco, rather than expensive French champagne, latest market sales data has revealed.

As reported in the Herald Sun today, data shows in the November to January quarter, Australians purchased 117,000 fewer bottles of French champagne, or the equivalent of 9000 less bottles per week during this period.

French champagne usually costs from about $50 per bottle compared to Australian sparkling or Prosecco from $10 per bottle.

Chris Barnes, wine educator and lecturer in wine studies at Melbourne University, told Ross and John the resurgence of a certain drink has seen as spike in Prosecco sales.

“They’re two different things, one is a sparkling wine, champagne which takes literally years in many cases, it’s made from different grape varieties, it has a completely different flavour and texture a part from bubbles and even the amount of bubbles in Prosecco is different,” he said.

“Prosecco is a lighter, fresher, lower alcohol wine, slightly fruity in flavour – they’re two different things.

“The great thing about Prosecco is the resurgence of the Aperol Spritz.”

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