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The eastern suburbs of Melbourne are experiencing a ‘graffiti rampage’

Article image for The eastern suburbs of Melbourne are experiencing a ‘graffiti rampage’

Locals in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne are fed up with graffiti.

The amount of graffiti present caught Tom Elliott’s eye yesterday, when he was driving on the Eastern Freeway.

‘There is a graffiti rampage going on at the moment, you drive along the Eastern Freeway…graffiti everywhere’, Tom said.

Speaking on 3AW Drive, State Liberal MP and member for Ringwood, Ms Dee Ryall, said there needs to be a cultural change.

‘In general there is graffiti all over the place, where young people particularly are able to do something in a way that is obscured by others, they will take advantage of that,’ she said.

‘We’re looking at how we can make sure that we get the cultural change that’s needed, but also, how we can best deal with this in terms of making sure those that are responsible for vandalising…they’re held to account.’

Minister for Police, Lisa Neville, told Tom, Vic Roads are aware of the graffiti along the freeway, and graffiti prevention grants will soon be launched.

‘We know that if you can provide a different mechanism for those young people who graffiti to participate and do murals can make a difference, hopefully these grants will enable some localised solutions to graffiti issues.’

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