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The new corporate sponsorship deal to maintain Luna Park’s famous Mr Moon teeth

A dental implant manufacturer will preserve the teeth on one of Melbourne’s most iconic structures.

The Leader first reported the Straumann Group Australia will sponsor Luna Park’s famous entrance, Mr Moon, after one of the company’s executives noticed a tooth light was out.

Luna Park General Manager Mark Butta told Neil Mitchell they were comfortable with the three-year corporate sponsorship of the teeth, the first of its kind the park has seen.

“It’s a good partnership that is something he can promote for himself and helps us out with a scheduled program of works to maintain the teeth,” he said.

“There’s always a lot of heritage work that’s required to do at Luna Park.”

Mr Butta said there was a specific program of works the teeth will undergo, including rewiring them and as part of the ongoing maintenance program.

He said the company will have a plaque inside the mouth, and will be able to use some naming rights and intellectual property, if the management of Luna Park approves.

“It is absolutely the first time that we have had any kind of corporate sponsorship here at Luna Park,” he said.

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