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The problem with the Sentencing Act: Wayne Gatt says St Kilda offenders could get light penalty for alleged assault

Police Union secretary Wayne Gatt has told 3AW Breakfast a “problem” with the Sentencing Act could see the offenders who allegedly attacked police officers in St Kilda get off with a light penalty, because the sentence is based on the injury, not the offence.

“There is a specific offence, it’s assaulting an emergency service worker but that isn’t necessarily what triggers the penalty,” Mr Gatt said.

“The penalties are done through the Sentencing Act but they hinge on the degree of injury which is a problem for us.

“So if you have really really horrific circumstances but low injuries, through nothing but good fortune perhaps, that can sometimes compromise the severity of the penalty.

“It’s only sheer good fortune that people who are assaulted in that manner aren’t killed and that is a concern, that the penalties attached can be lower than we think they should be.”

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