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The “wussification” of children: Kids need to lose and learn from it

Tom Elliott says the “wussification” of children is detrimental to development and building resilience in young people.

“When you play a game like pass-the-parcel you have to have a present for all children,” he said.

“Apparently we’re creating an entire generation which doesn’t like failure, which doesn’t know what it means to compete or possibly lose a game.

“Not everybody can win.

“Kids need to know where they are, you have to score sport.”

It comes after a Queensland mother received an email from nappy brand Huggies detailing a list of options for classic party games where no one loses.

Psychologist Dr Michael Carr-Gregg labelled the exercise the “wussification of young people”  where children learn nothing by being shielded from pressure.

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Dr Simon Kinsella, Clinical Psychologist at CP Consulting, told Tom options for classic party games where no-one loses have their pro’s and con’s.

“There are some kids who are always losing and always last to be picked in the team and for them it’s very tough,” Dr Kinsella said.

“But I think for most kids they don’t actually care.

“There needs to be an opportunity for kids to lose and to learn from that.”

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