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Third council employee receives payout over allegations against Robert Doyle

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The Lord Mayor has defended the process that saw yet another person receive a payout in the wake of an investigation into Robert Doyle.

Sally Capp has confirmed the City of Melbourne made a confidential payment to a third employee who made a complaint against the former Lord Mayor.

It’s believed Mr Doyle was unaware of the investigation, or allegations being made against him, until he read about it in the paper.

But Ms Capp defended the process on 3AW Mornings.

“I don’t believe that in these circumstances there needs to be, or was any determination about guilt or not guilt,” she said.

“I think a judgement is made about whether this person feels impacted by a set of circumstances.”

She said she had few further details.

“It’s a confidential process with a confidential outcome,” Ms Capp told Neil Mitchell.

Mr Doyle quit the role in February last year after allegations of sexual harassment emerged.

He was admitted to hospital suffering from stress.

He is still yet to address any of the claims publicly.

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