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Tom Elliott reacts to ‘shocking’ COVID-19 numbers

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Tom Elliott admits he was “shocked” by Victoria’s COVID-19 figures on Thursday, which revealed 723 fresh cases of the coronavirus.

It came on the back of just 295 cases a day earlier.

“We are obviously doing something wrong,” the 3AW Drive host said.

He floated a couple of theories as to what that might be.

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Tom Elliott sought the advice of Adjunct Professor Bill Bowtell, who has been one of Australia’s leading voices in the coronavirus response.

He was asked whether he thought consistency of communication from government was an issue.

“The more confusing the communication is, the easier the job for the virus,” Adjunct Professor Bowtell said.

“The virus is just physics, chemistry and biology – it doesn’t look at rules, or listen to the news.

“All it wants to do is be an infection machine.

“We know what works – physical distancing, masks, hand-washing and we know that it can knock it out if we apply ourselves.”

But he said what we’re doing will work. Eventually.

“If we stick at what we’re doing in Victoria right now we will be on the right track, it will have an effect,” Adjunct Professor Bowtell said.

“Remember, the case load we see today is about 7 to 14 days ago.”

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