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‘Tony, you’ve taken one too many hits to the head’: Sly says 3838 won’t impact Mokbel’s conviction

After the attempts on Tony Mokbel’s life, it was revealed the convicted cocaine trafficker was “very confident” he’d make it out of prison.

Corrections Commissioner Emma Cassar said Mokbel was boasting about getting out of prison, in the wake of the Lawyer X royal commission.

Sly, however, wasn’t having a bar of it.

“Let’s assume 3838 did tip the police off,” Sly said to Ross and John this morning.

“Maybe the conviction has something to do with the fact that there were 157 phone taps and 42 witnesses.

“Maybe it had a little bit to do with one of those witnesses taped Tony saying he expected to make $105,000 which he just considered money to pay the rent.

“If you think, whatever 3838 told police is going to get that (the evidence) quashed, then Tony, you’ve taken one too many hits to the head.

“Tony was just a suburban pizza parlour owner, in 1997 he had assets of $128,000 and six years later was worth $15 million so if he did it off pizzas and made $10 a pizza, he was making 700 pizzas a day or one every two minutes.

“You know what, on the balance of probability, I think he was a drug trafficker.”

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