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Tower lockdown: ‘Stretched’ police want ADF help

Police say they’re stretched and need help as the hard-line lockdown of Melbourne’s public housing towers takes its toll on resources.

Police Association boss Wayne Gatt told Neil Mitchell there weren’t enough officers to patrol every level.

The union wants the army sent in to help.

“We simply wouldn’t have the resources to do that (patrol every level),” he said on 3AW.

“The commitment to this far exceeds that which has been purported in the media, and this is why we’ve said ‘Come one, come all’.

“Oncoming crews this morning told me they had half of what they required to meet some of the requirements to complete today’s shifts.

“That’s where you go to get these police, they don’t just fall out of a magic police station that’s been sitting there waiting for COVID-19.”

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