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Video: Spine-tingling response as donations fly in for a very special TLC4Kids idea

It’s a simple idea with a simple aim: Putting smiles on the faces of dying children.

Ambulance Victoria has donated an ambulance that will be decked out in order to take terminally ill children on excursions from hospital in their final days.

“It won’t save lives, but it will change lives,” Neil Mitchell said.

But it doesn’t just happen.

TLC4Kids still needs funding to retrofit the ambulance, and cash for the excursions.

And your response was magnificent, Melbourne.

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Neil was joined by paramedic Jemima Tawse, it was her idea to convert an ambulance to transport sick kids.

She came up with the idea after the tragic death of her seven-year-old daughter, Emily.

“It’s not about going to Disneyland, you don’t have long left,” Jemima said.

“It’s about memorable moments, making some positive memories in that short time.”

Neil said he would like to see the special TLC ambulance be called, Emily’s Ambulance.

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