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‘What are they playing at?’: Fines Victoria caught chasing money from dead people

It’s been revealed Fines Victoria is chasing money from dead people.

Two people have so far come forward to Neil Mitchell claiming they both received letters yesterday, having previously been assured the speeding fines committed by their loves ones before their deaths, had been cancelled.

Mike Shallcross told Neil he sent in his wife’s death certificate and didn’t hear back for some time.

“Then they said, yes we’ve got the emails here, don’t worry about it, we’ll advise you by letter in the near future,” he said.

“With everything happening, clearing out my house, it slipped my mind, until yesterday when a reminder fine turned up.

“What are they doing, what are they playing at?”

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Rob told Neil he got a fine addressed to his late son’s estate.

“They know he’s dead then, they’ve addressed it to his estate?” Neil asked.

“Yes,” Rob replied.

“They are going to take his estate to court to cover the funds.

“It brings back memories that you don’t need.”

“I thought we’d uncovered every stupid mistake by Fines Victoria and there have been some mammoth ones,” Neil said.

“But this is a whole new level.

“It is cruel, there is no way that should be happening.

“That has to be a stuff-up not a policy.

“If it’s a policy we will raise hell.”