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What your signature says about you: Handwriting expert on 3AW Mornings

Neil Mitchell
Article image for What your signature says about you: Handwriting expert on 3AW Mornings

An expert in handwriting analysis has shed some light on what signatures mean on Neil Mitchell’s program this morning. 

A handful of listeners and even some 3AW staff sent in their signatures to be analysed, to see if there’s anything in their signature indicative of their personalities.

Graphologist Kathi McKnight said signatures can be a personal branding or calling card.

She had some insights into Neil’s personality from his writing…

Click PLAY to hear it:

Following her analysis of Neil’s signature, Ms McKnight had some interesting insights for the other contributors. 


Leonie’s signature: Nice open e’s in her writing= open minded, broad minded.  The ‘o’ in Leoni is open at the top: she can start up a conversation with any one at a party or anywhere else. Not shy about talking to people.  The squiggly lines hide the letters in the last name so we don’t really know what is going on there. But the squiggle itself (as Neil called it) is an intuitive marking.  Meaning she seems to have a nice intuitive sense or ability, has a good 6th sense about others.


Annie’s signature: She writes with really heavy pressure so she feels things intensely!  She will have strong loves and hate, she will forgive but probably will never forget.
The period at the end of her signature shows she might like to have the last word on things, yes?  🙂
She can be the rock in an emergency!  She is also logical and practical.  Careful of crossing through your own name.  Be sure not to ‘cross yourself out’ – you don’t deserve to do that to yourself. 


Sue’s signature: Probably the most legible of all the signatures. You can definitely read her first name  Notice the big space in her first name?
There is a break within the name. That indicates a real appreciation for music (possibly has musical ability) and also she has a very strong 6th sense about things, is very intuitive.
There’s a rather large space between her first and last name so she has boundaries in place between her personal life and whatever her last name represents (married name or maiden name or family name). She puts a little bit of distance between her personal life and whatever the last name represents.


Damian’s signature: Writes fast!  So he thinks fast and possibly talks fast too.  Check mark is written in place of an i dot =  irritation.
He shoots from his hip, meaning he doesn’t take forever to process information.  He can be in the moment and make a decision and ‘get it right.’  He can be persuaded by his feelings and by others; prone to impulsiveness.   

Neil Mitchell