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Who the ACTU expects to pay for an $8 billion wages boost

in studio with neil mitchell

The ACTU wants Labor to add $8 billion to the national wages bill, a move that would see roughly six million Australians earn $4000 a year more.

But Neil Mitchell says he can’t see Bill Shorten agreeing to it.

ACTU boss Sally McManus joined Neil Mitchell in studio on Tuesday.

She said there was a significant problem with wages and living standards were dropping as a result.

“I know that the Labor Party understands there’s a problem with wages, which is a first step,” Ms McManus said.

“Unlike Scott Morrison, who doesn’t think there’s a problem, or thinks we should wait for trickle down to happen which has failed entirely.”

But Neil Mitchell said it would be incredibly bold of Bill Shorten to risk putting employers off-side on the eve of an election he appears almost certain to win.

“I can’t see Bill Shorten agreeing to something that adds $8 billion to a wages bill on the eve of an election,” Neil said.

“He’s not that brave.”

The pair also clashed over the issue of negative gearing.

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in studio with neil mitchell