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Why the world’s drug cartels have set their sights on Australians

Experts say today’s record-breaking US drug bust with methylamphetamine meant for Australia is proof the world’s drug barons are targetting Down Under.

And it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Authorities have seized a record haul of 1.7 tonnes of the drug ice, worth about $1.29 billion and about 17 million street deals.

Dr John Coyne, head of the Border Security Program at the Strategic Police Institute, told Neil Mitchell “it’s further evidence (international drug cartels) are expanding into our space for distribution”.

Will today’s bust halt that?

Mr Coyne doubts it.

“The number one reason is profit,” he said.

“Per capita, we’re high drug users here in Australia.

“We’ve got money, and we’re willing to pay more for our drugs than anywhere else in the world.”

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