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“Within one hour she made the arrest”: Local police woman provided breakthrough in Aya Maasarwe case

A local police officer from Heidelberg provided the breakthrough which led to the arrest of Aya Maasarwe’s alleged killer Codey Herrmann.

Sly told Ross and John it was a local Leading Senior Constable who recognised the cap and t-shirt found at the Bundoora crime scene where Aya Maasarwe’s body was found.

“Four days earlier she’d done a routine check and the person was Codey Herrmann,” he said.

“She was able to tell Homicide.

“She grabbed a Senior Detective and went out, and within one hour was able to make the arrest.

“Most certainly they would have got him but it would have taken some time longer.

“And in these sort of cases you’re always concerned there could be another crime.”

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Sly also pointed the finger at politicians for stalling proposed changes to DNA law last year, which would have meant Herrmann’s DNA would have been on file, rather than investigators having to rely on an officer’s memory.

“Under proposed changes to DNA law, as he’s been arrested for car theft, his DNA would have been taken and put on the database,” Sly said.

“That’s the system that works in every other state but Victoria.

“In Victoria you have to go to court after conviction and plead the case.”