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‘You should introduce it in a really sensible way’: Why peanuts and eggs may actually be good for babies

New research shows feeding babies eggs and peanuts may actually be beneficial.

According to updated guidelines by experts, all infants should be fed both eggs and peanuts in their first year of development to prevent food allergies developing.

Murdoch Children’s Research Institute Director Professor Katie Allen told Ross and John she “absolutely” supported these new recommendations.

“We’ve discovered a whole lot of facets that are driving the food allergy epidemic and one of them is delaying the introduction of certain foods,” she said.

“Foods such a peanut butter, dairy and eggs are not foods to be frightened of, you should introduce tiny amounts and carefully increase the dose.”

Prof Allen said as long as these foods were introduced sensibly, there was no harm in exposing babies to them early in their lives.

“There’s no doubt at all that delaying (feeding babies eggs and peanuts) is harmful so the reverse of it is you should introduce it,” she said.

“You should introduce it in a really sensible way – tiny amounts increasing slowly.”

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