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You shouldn’t park on the freeway near the airport — and you don’t have to

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You may think stopping on the freeway is a clever way to avoid airport parking fees.

But it is extremely dangerous – and unnecessary.

There are over 300 free parking bays at the airport.

Grant Smith from Tullamarine Airport told Tony Jones people don’t always know about them.

“We’ve got a 10-minute wait zone across the road from the terminals, and another 20-minute wait zone near the long-term car park,” Mr Smith said.

“There are plenty of options for people to wait safely off the roads.”

Mr Smith said there’s also an area around Terminal 4 which offers up to four hours of parking for $10.

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But drivers continue to park on the Tullamarine Freeway to avoid parking at the airport.

Sergeant Kel Cannon from Fawkner Highway Patrol told Tony people are fined for it every day.

“On a busy day we could be looking at 30-40 people,” Sgt Cannon said.

Stopping in an emergency lane incurs a fine of $97, while stopping in a no-stopping zone comes with a $161 fine.

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Photo: The Tullamarine Freeway (Julian Smith / AAP)





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